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The Quiet Garden in Llanishen

Quiet Garden Events 2023 Programme and Information Leaflet

These days most of us need to balance our active busy lives with time for quiet and reflection. We need to be as well as to do.

"Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place" Jesus said to his disciples after an especially busy time.

The idea of creating a quiet space in our local area came about after discovering the Quiet Garden Trust an organisation started by an Anglican priest Philip Roderick. Hospitality and prayer are at the heart of the Quiet garden movement. When Jesus visited the home at Bethany it was Martha who offered the hospitality and welcome enabling Mary to spend time listening to Jesus. Perhaps we all have a bit of Martha and Mary in us. And gardens do feature in Scripture as places where people come face to face with God.

The Methodist Church in Melbourne Rd gave us permission to use a piece of land next to the church and it is there that the quiet garden has been created. The initiative was taken by a small group and since then we have been helped by many friends and various organisations. The project is under the umbrella of the local Council of Churches and the garden will be open to the community.

Like all gardens it has involved hard work in the planning, digging and planting. We hope the garden will develop and grow over the years becoming a place of stillness and beauty.

The quiet garden is beside the Methodist Church in Melbourne Road. Hospitality and prayer are at the heart of the quiet garden movement and this is offered through the events we put on. The garden is looked after by a small group with help from friends. It is open to the community during daylight hours and we hope you will come and enjoy the peace and beauty.

Our 2015 Easter Garden was created with the help of pupils from Coed Glas Primary School.

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