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About Us

Churches Together is an Association which brings together the Christian Churches in the Llanishen area of Cardiff. The history of our Association spans over 50 years which was celebrated in 2009 with a Service of Thanksgiving and Witness which was held in Roath Park.

We have four multi denominational working groups which together with regular meetings of the Churches Together Council, plan and organise joint events. These Working Groups are Worship & Prayer, Quiet Garden, Social Concerns and Education & Training.

The Worship and Prayer Working Group

This Working Group arranges the following events:-

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. This is celebrated over the period Jan. 18th to Jan. 25th with a United Service on the Sunday, and an “Agape” communal meal.

United Covenant Communion. This service takes place in June or July. It follows the order of the Covenanting Churches in Wales to which most of our churches belong, but it is open to all.

Services in Care Homes (apart from separately brought Communions). Churches take turns in providing monthly worship in the Thomas House (Cartref) Care Home.

Prayer Link. Take part in up to an hour of shared prayer and meditation (more or less structured) with other local Christians usually on the first Saturday morning of every month in a different member church. Open to all. Click here for details of our Programme

(updated Jan 2015)

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The Quiet Garden Working Group

The Quiet Garden in Llanishen and District is situated in the grounds of the Methodist Church in Melbourne Road, Llanishen. The garden is there to make a quiet space in the area. It is for the use of the local community and groups. Its aim is to provide a place for the enjoyment of stillness and beauty and for quiet reflection, prayer and hospitality.

The garden was created by a small group of people with the help of volunteers and various organisations. Since the group came together in late summer 2002 an annual service has been held to mark our progress. The garden was formally opened on June 10th 2006. It is planned to hold some events during the summer months. The Quiet Garden is under the umbrella of the local council of churches and we are affiliated to the Quiet Garden Trust, an interdenominational organisation that offers a ministry of prayer and hospitality.

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The Social Concern Working Group

Our Mission is to give publicity and information to our churches on all matters of social concern and responsibility, for example:- racial justice issues, concerns for refugees and asylum –seekers and care for God’s creation in our environment. Our core responsibilities are :-

To take responsibility for the publicity and organisation of Christian Aid Week among our churches;

To take responsibility for the publicity of One World Week among our churches;

To publicise, support and promote events and campaigns in our district of organisations such as Cafod and Tearfund when these have either a joint aim with Christian Aid (e.g. in Trade Justice) or a fresh topic of concern not covered by Christian Aid.

To take joint responsibility with Tradecraft for publicising, supporting and promoting Fairtrade Fortnight among our churches.

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Education and Training Working Group

Our mission, trusting in the enlightening power of the Holy Spirit, is to promote among members of our churches mutual fellowship, love and a deeper shared knowledge of our Christian faith.

Our objectives are:

To help members overcome barriers between different traditions and denominations by promoting greater understanding of each church’s history and current practice, be that in relation to doctrine, worship, social concern or church organisation;

To arrange and promote opportunities for members of different churches to explore faith together, through study groups, learning days and visits;

To promote Christian unity through knowledge and awareness of ecumenism in Wales, across the United Kingdom and in the wider world;

To encourage member churches, where possible, to make learning and training activities available to members of other churches

To promote, where appropriate, faith- and action-related learning opportunities outside the immediate area of Llanishen and District.

(Updated Jan 2019)

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